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October 30, 2021

Sammy Simpkins Loves Spanking Vol 3

Sammy Simpkins Loves Spanking Vol 3 book

Dave Ell is back with another compilation of Sammy Simpkins Loves Spanking cartoons. Sammy is an eighteen year old reform schoolgirl who was sent to a special school for unruly young ladies by her long suffering parents. Sammy never seems to, or doesn't want to change, and is always in trouble with an inevitable good spanking as punishment.

In this third volume of Sammy Simpkins Loves Spanking our naughty nymph continues to receive the punishment that she craves for. The book contains 50 pics of Sammy from the hand of Dave Ell and is priced at $3.97.

June 6, 2014

Sammy Simpkins Loves Spanking Vol 1

sammy simpkins spanking

Sammy Simpkins Loves Spanking Volume 1 contains 48 tittilating cartoons to keep any Sammy Simpkins or spanking fan happy. Selected from across the years that Dave has been drawing Sammy, we are sure you will enjoy this first compilation of Sammy's spanking cartoons.

From the classroom to the  countryside, from the gym to the beach our mischievous vixen receives the punishment that she desires. Punishment by hand, cane, slipper or paddle, it doesn't matter to Sammy, just as long as it keeps coming. This is a great selection of Dave's cartoons, available for $3.97

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